Canoeing On TiberThe international descent of the Tiber-DIT2012 is a guided canoeing sports purposes, promotion of tourism and sports in contact with nature and with respect for the environment. You are in Group 9 stages. Participate in Italian and foreign athletes, even non-experts. You sleep, along the River with their tents, gyms, hotels, caravans. You can also participate only in some stages and you can take advantage of the event to do sightseeing in famous places of Umbria and Lazio. The dinners are shared and organized by local associations.
There are courses of introduction to canoeing for beginners and you can rent equipment. It is compulsory the use of canoes and inaffondabili the use of life jackets and helmet; It is also required, under penalty of exclusion from the descent, comply with safety instructions given by the organizers.
www.discesadeltevere.org scrivi@discesadeltevere.org – Tel: 347 2439715

Organized by: stages
asd Canoe Club Città di Castello
24/4: pre-Sansepolcro-Città di Castello
25/4: Città di Castello-Umbertide
26/4: Umbertide-Perugia, Pretola
Carlo 338.8333411
asd International descent of the Tiber
27/4: Pretola-Deruta, Sant’Angelo di Celle
28/4: Sant’Angelo di Celle-Monte Castello di Vibio, Madonna del Piano
Andrea 339.8808312
asd Polisportiva UISP Sherwood
29/4: Attigliano-Otricoli
30/4: Magliano Sabina-Ponzano Romano
Sergio 328.1858517
asd Group Canoes Rome
1/5: Castel Giubileo-Rome: Ponte Milvio, Dopolavoro ATAC
At the same time: departure from the river Aniene
6/5: post-Roma-Ostia
Giuseppe 348.3583434



Lux Arcana in RomeIt will be the first and possibly only time in history that will cross the confines of Vatican City. And they do so to be welcomed and exposed in the beautiful halls of the Capitoline museums in Rome. It is original and 100 documents chosen among the priceless treasures that the Vatican Secret Archives preserve and protect for centuries.
The exhibition organized on the occasion of the fourth centenary from the foundation of the Vatican Secret Archives to explain and tell what is and how does the Archive of the Popes and, at the same time, make the invisible visible and allow access to some wonders so far kept in approximately 85 km linear shelves of the Vatican Secret Archives; will be exhibited extraordinary historical value documents, covering a time span ranging from the 8th century AD until the 20th century.
The title “Lux in arcana” communicates the main objective of the exhibition: the light that filters into the recesses of the archive illuminates a reality out of a superficial knowledge, but accessible only through direct contact and concrete with sources, which for the first time opens its doors to discover the history, sometimes unpublished, narrated in the documents. The exhibition will be enriched with multimedia productions, led by a strict as engaging historical narrative, to allow the visitor to enjoy some famous events of the past and “revive” documents, which you will with the tale of the background and the characters involved.

The document-chosen from among 100 codes and scrolls, files and records and manuscripts-will remain on display for about seven months, from March 1 to September 2012, at the Capitoline museums.

A prestigious venue, chosen to host this memorable event that underscores the deep connection between the city of Rome and the papacy since the medieval age; the sensitivity for the arts of Sixtus IV bind the origins of both institutions involved in the event, but at the same time the history kept in the Vatican Secret Archives is intertwined with the history of Italy, Europe and the whole world.

The Vatican Secret Archives constitutes a cultural heritage that has as its epicenter the city of Rome. That is why the exhibition was organized in collaboration with the capital Rome, Department of Policies and Culture, Historical Center – Superitendence of Cultural Heritage of Rome and Zètema Culture Project.
This memorable exhibition is already creating a huge expectation, nourished by the mysterious charm that the Vatican Secret Archives raises in the collective imagination.
All this will do Lux arcana-in the Vatican Secret Archives revealed a scientific value and unprecedented media.


TINTORETTO EXHIBITION IN ROME: 25th February 2012 – 10th June 2012

Tintoretto exhibition in RomeJACOPO ROBUSTI, who is better known as TINTORETTO (1519-1594), is the only Italian 16th century painter not to have had a major monographic exhibition devoted to his work.

This exhibition focuses on the three main themes that distinguish Tintoretto’s work: religion, mythology and portraiture. It is strictly monographic and will be divided into sections comprising a handful of carefully selected and unquestioned masterpieces, beginning and ending with his two celebrated self-portraits of himself as a young man, from the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, and as an old man, from the Louvre.

This exhibition is composed of some 40 paintings (accompanied by a section devoted to the artistic environment contemporary with the Venetian master), all of the highest quality and on loan from leading international museums and collections, offering visitors a tight but extremely significant overview of the artistic career of Jacopo Tintoretto.

Where: Scuderie del Quirinale, Via XXIV Maggio 16, Roma

Hours: Sunday to Thursday 10:00am to 8:00pm

Friday and Saturday 10:00am to 10:30pm

(Last admission one hour before closing time)

How to reach the Scuderie del Quirinale: by bus n. 40-60-64-70-117-170-H – Nazionale/Quirinale Stop; Metro A (P.za della Repubblica station) metro B (Cavour station)

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